Do not be lulled by the scent of perfume because there is danger of lurking

Perfume is one of the important items in supporting one's appearance and enhancing one's confidence. However, some people can experience allergic reactions to perfume, such as headaches, sneezing, until skin rashes appear. This reaction is triggered by contact with perfume, either by inhalation of the aroma or by direct exposure to the skin. Medical rules refer to such conditions as perfume allergy, or hypersensitivity to perfume oils and ingredients contained in perfume. There are at least 5,000 more different fragrances in use today, and as many as more than 2 million people are affected by it. Not only perfume, you are also likely to experience allergic reactions or sensitive to fragrances that are around, for example cosmetics, hair spray, shampoo, bath soap, facial wash soap, detergents, and air freshener. For fragrance oil itself, a study tried to examine the content of various perfume products. The result is found about 10 chemicals associated with allergic reaction
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